Elegant Roses Nail Art Tutorial- Easy Neutral Valentine's Day Nails |

Elegant Roses Nail Art Tutorial- Easy Neutral Valentine's Day Nails | Rose Pearl

Hello my Lovelies In today's nail art tutorial I will be doing ease rose nail art design on a pink neutral base for the valentine's day. You can find all the colors I am using in MiniSO. The brush that I am using is from beautybigbang.com I hope you enjoyed this valentine's day nail art design idea. Thank you so much for watching. My Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVUnu9vNDY3lj0o2NmfEUZw Support my work on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rosepearlart SUBSCRIBE here: http://gestyy.com/wnYo1F I welcome all my new subscribers and I would love you all to help me promote my channel by sharing with your friends and family... I love reading your lovely comments and I really appreciate them. Stay blessed you all and have a wonderful life :) Nail Care and DIY Tips Playlist: http://gestyy.com/wnUUeZ NAIL 101- Nail Hacks Playlist: http://gestyy.com/wnUIOd Pedicure Playlist: http://destyy.com/w2k4kP ****Important Nail Care Video To watch*** ****My Step by Step Manicure Routine**** http://gestyy.com/eqYVn6 ***DIY Nail Hardener/Nail Strengthener**** http://destyy.com/w2k3Qw ****My Step by Step Pedicure Routine**** http://destyy.com/w2k25Z ****Grow Your toenails Fast**** http://gestyy.com/e0TwIs ****How I Keep my Feet Soft and Toe Nails Healthy**** https://youtu.be/0ZXR05rG6JQ ****Correct way to Cut Toe Nails**** https://youtu.be/4nmka43HEeA ***My Magic Nail Growth Serum**** http://destyy.com/w2k3l6 *****How to grow your nails Fast- Garlic Method*** http://destyy.com/w2k3cc ***My Nail Care Routine and Tips to Grow long and Strong Nails*** http://destyy.com/w2k3vn ***My Weekly Nail Care Routine*** http://destyy.com/w2k3na Follow me Instagram: @rosepearlart 10% Discount Code: Beauty Big Bang : pearlart #valentinesdaynails #elegantnails #rosenailart #easynailart #nailartideas #nailarttutorial #nailart #diynailart #paintyournailsperfectly #nailpolishtips #nailpolishhacks #nailpolish #manicure #valentinesdaynaildesigns #valentinesdaynails #valentinesnails #valentinesnailideas #rosenailart #rosesnailart #rosenails

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